From the team at the U-Haul Corporate Office:
"I run the wellness department here at U-Haul international. We had the pleasure of having Jordyn come in and give our team members 10 minute massages. The response was phenomenal. Not only did they say that is was relaxing and an amazing break in their day but they felt amazing the next day. Many didn't realize how tense their body was and how even that quick massage did wonder for the rest of their day. I believe in massage therapy as a foundation to preventive care and help to heal the issues within your body, especially when you have a job that you are at a desk most of the day. A good quality massage therapy is a worthwhile service for anyone who. Jordyn was extremely professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend her and think massage therapy is extremely beneficial in the corporate setting.

I really enjoyed it. The lady was super sweet and personable and made the experience enjoyable.
15 minutes might have been more ideal though 🙂

I really enjoyed my massage! The massage therapist was professional and friendly. She did an excellent job at making sure I was comfortable, asked what areas I wanted her to target and checked to make sure the pressure she was applying wasn't too intense. It was a very nice experience and I felt really good after.

It was absolutely divine! Thank you so much. I felt refreshed and ready for the day. I appreciate how I was reminded to drink lots of water and was asked about my target areas.

I enjoyed the massage, I thought it was a quick welcome break to the workday.

I thought she did a great job I would go to her again and it felt nice that my team members nominated me 🙂

The massage was amazing... didn't realize how tense my back was until then. Thank you so much, it was really great to have some of the daily tension taken off.

The therapist was very customer friendly and conducted the message in a courteous/professional manner. Needless to say, but I will say, the message itself was very relaxing!

Thanks for getting us massages. She was great. Had great pressure, good technique. Very relaxing and effective."

Monique Wantland, Wellness Coordinator
"We are a dental office and appreciate Jordyn coming into our office once a month and giving us massages during our lunch hour. Afterwards we feel so good. We would recommend her to everyone to try her, you will walk away feeling great!"

Dr. Heaton and Staff
"More than 15 years ago LeBaron & Carroll chose to provide chair massages to our team members as a health & wellness benefit and stress reliever. Our staff will tell you it’s the best thing we’ve ever done. Of course we have had 2 or 3 different masseuse during those years but for the past 3+ years, Jordyn Fraizer has been providing the services. She is the BEST! Not only is she awesome at her profession, she is extremely pleasant and all the staff think she’s great.This past year we increased our time available for each team member and once again they shouted for joy. I highly recommend Jordyn and her services if you want to make an impact in the work atmosphere and life of your employees."

Milo LeBaron III, CEO LeBaron & Carroll Insurance LLC
"Jordyn's education, experience and skill in massage therapy, along with her level of professionalism and care to the needs of each of her clients, is why I continue to recommend she and her company to colleagues, friends and family."

Jeanine Lipka
"I used to get backaches from riding my horse. Discovering A Touch of Relaxation changed my life! Their trained specialists helped relieve my pinched nerves, and they taught me how to avoid back problems in the future."

Michelle Goodrich
"Jordyn has been an amazing masseuse. I feel relaxed every time I see her and they are my best feeling days. It’s been a great pleasure to also be able to offer her services to my team in the office as a way to help everyone relax and feel better at work. It is a small cost for the enjoyment and value that it brings to everyone in the office."

Ryan Edwards
Managing Director
Silicon Valley Bank
"Over the past year, I have been leveraging Jordyn’s massage services as a means of appreciation for my team for the diligent work. My team absolutely loves her and think she is amazing; we all find Jordyn to be incredibly personable which we all agree is the key to getting a great massage. Jordyn is exceptionally easy to work with, very professional, and at the end of the day keeps my team happy and relaxed. I couldn’t ask for more."

Mikayla Jayne, Manager at Silicon Valley Bank
"I just wanted to take a minute and tell everyone how amazing Jordyn is! Not only is she a great massage therapist, but, she is punctual, easy to work with and as a professional office who books massage events, we find her extremely easy to work with! She came to our rescue when our previous therapist had to bow out of an event and we certainly did not want to disappoint our client, so Jordyn was very accommodating and agreed to do our event for us. And, it was on very short notice! I can highly recommend her services to anyone corporate or not, looking to schedule massages for any individual client or event. Thank you Jordyn! We appreciated you so very much."

Cynthia Fox
Office Manager
Arizona Medical and Sports Rehab
"Our staff couldn't ask for a better massage therapist than Jordyn! She is personable yet professional and gives us all the boost that we need to get through the day! If you're looking for someone to provide ultimate relief and relaxation for your team, Jordyn has your back!"

Taylor Wisman
Office Manager
Desert Family Dental
"In a business requiring critical thinking, hard work and a commitment to getting things right the first time, it’s important to recognize key milestones achieved and that uncommon effort the work requires from time to time. One way we celebrate those efforts and successes is to offer an opportunity to de-stress with massage therapy with Jordyn. She’s great to work with, and our team members always come back relaxed and refreshed – exactly how we hope they’ll feel."

Jim Loftin, Manager at Silicon Valley Bank
"As a massage therapist myself, Jordyn is the only therapist I pay to work on me. She has the rare ability of being able to find the source of an issue and relax it away without making you want to cry for your mama."

Will Holmes, Licensed Massage Therapist, Owner of PNP Personal Training Center
"I love love love Jordyn Frazier. She is an amazing massage therapist and always makes me feel so much better and so relaxed."

Shelly Arlt, Account Manager at LeBaron & Carroll LLC
"Jordyn gave my mother-in-law her first massage ever at 86. Jordyn put her at ease and helped her back feel so much better~she loved it!"

Dr. Robyn Conrad-Hansen, Professor at NAU, Consultant
"Jordyn takes the pain away. She finds the tension,source and is so calming. She gives the BEST massages!"

Debbie Golden-Curtis, Receptionist at LeBaron & Carroll LLC
"Jordyn is absolutely amazing!! She does an excellent job attending my needs. She is very knowledgeable & very professional! She has given my husband, my sister & my mother in law massages. I would absolutely recommend her to ANYONE!!"

Lori Heath, Personal Account Administrator at LeBaron & Carroll LLC
"I have been given so many massages over the years and Jordyn is the best! She has just the right amount of pressure which feels good and relaxes you. I only wished I lived in the same state so I could get regular massages from her!!"

Brianne Westberg, Beachbody Coach, Stay-at-home Mom
"Have had 2 massages from this wonderful young lady. Best massage I've ever had! Felt like a brand new person both times!!"

Gilbert Howell
"Jordyn Frazier is the best! She takes good care to listen to what you want and need and then goes above and beyond to make sure that you have the best massage ever and you never want it to end!"

Raquel Skelton, ARM Assistant at Save the Family Foundation of Arizona
" Jordyn Frazier, is an exceptional message therapist. Very professional and thorough. I would recommend her to anyone."

Jennifer Lynn